Clifden Station House Theatre

December 14th at 2pm


It's the day before Christmas Eve. Cheerful chimney sweep Rudi is cleaning all the chimneys - to amke sure they are ready for Santa - but Rudi gets a very nasty shock! One very big chimeny is well and truly blocked...and not with soot...but with toys! Stuck there by the dreadful witch Fluella the Fluesy! Wicked Fluella loves grunge and grime and wants to stop Christmas by blocking all the chimneys so that Santa can't deliver the presents. Rudi manages to free the toys - a beautiful Christmas Tree Fairy, a Constant Tin Soldier, and a very cross Christmas Candle - but the trouble is only starting, for well and truely stuck in the chimney is...yes...Santa himself! Rudi and the toys take on fearsome Fluella to try to free Santa for Christmas Eve...But she has a mean old mate - Freddy the Fearsome Frog...A horrible grungy thing...and together they are not going to give in! With a little magic and a lot of help from the children in the audience...Rudi and the toys might get Santa unstuck...

Family ticket 2 Adults & 2 Children available €28

Saturday 21st December


Tickets €15 


January 17th 2020



Music Network Presents: Anxo Lorenzo, Jim Murray, Dónal O’Connor & Jack Talty



Over the past ten years Anxo Lorenzo, Jim Murray, Dónal O’Connor and Jack Talty have been at the forefront of highly creative Galician and Irish music-making – as players, composers, arrangers, accompanists, producers and record label owners. Their individual talents as working musicians have seen them initiate hundreds of thoughtful and innovative projects, and the set list on this tour will include a Music Network commission from all four performers, their virtuosity and profound understanding of the music underpinning any daring off-piste exploration they might undertake.

Add to that a sharp intelligence and gentle curiosity about where this music sits in the world, how it relates to the world outside and you have a quartet of artists who have made a massive contribution to music in both local and international arenas. Thrilling, soulful, sincere and highly communicative, theirs is a music of people and place, of stillness, of confluence and of us.

Anxo Lorenzo, gaita/whistles
Jim Murray, guitar
Dónal O’Connor, fiddle
Jack Talty, concertina

Please note that the originally advertised line-up has been revised and will now feature the extraordinary Galician musician Anxo Lorenzo.

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