Clifden Station House Theatre

February 10th 2020


 Music Network Presents: Alina Bzhezhinska Quartet featuring Tony Kofi, Larry Bartley & Joel Prime 


If you think the harp is for angels then Alina Bzhezhinska and her quartet will set you right. She brings a new perspective to this supposedly dainty instrument, taking the ground-breaking work of Alice Coltrane in the 1960s as a stepping-off point for her own flighty improvisations and sonic adventures.

Capable of high-octane lapel-grabbing statements, she can also create extraordinary lyricism and soul within her own compositions and this versatility and curiosity has marked her out as a pioneer in the field of Jazz Harp. Now there’s two words you don’t often hear in the same sentence, but let’s get used to them because this musician is here to stay, constantly challenging the notion of boundaries in music, roughing up the harp with tones and textures that would ruffle many an angel wing. 

Alina Bzhezhinska, harp
Tony Kofi, saxophones
Larry Bartley, double bass
Joel Prime, drums | percussion


February 29th



 Ray Leonard Players present: Beyond TherapyOriginally staged in the 1980’s, Beyond Therapy has enduring relevance today as its characters are all navigating the turbulent terrain of relationships in their own way. Wishy-washy Prudence (Devon Gleeson Roe) lives a lonely life with two cats and a ticking biological clock. Self-described crackpot Bruce (Joseph Palmer) has a volatile boyfriend, Bob (Damien Conway). Both are looking for someone stable to love. Unfortunately their therapists (Anne Ronayne and Michael Irwin are even more bonkers than they are. The cast also features Luke Jacobsen as the volatile waiter Andrew.

The play is directed by Galway director Sarah O’Toole, with set and costume design by Yvette Picque and lighting design by Sarah Timmins.

Beyond Therapy will play in the Station House Theatre Clifden on Saturday 29th February at 8pm. Tickets available from the box office at 095 21699




March 1st


Saltarello Trio



A lot can happen in a thousand years. Condensing it into just two hours might be a bit of a challenge, but Saltarello Trio step up to the plate, tracing a clear musical line from Hildegard Von Bingen to David Fennessy, taking in multiple stops along the way to admire the work of Dowland, Vivaldi and Purcell.

The trio’s gorgeous swirling string lines and tasty percussion open a new window on old music, proving that a good tune can speak easily to all of us, no matter what the language, no matter when the time. 

Garth Knox, medieval fiddle | viola d’amore | viola
Sylvain Lemêtre, percussion
Agnès Vesterman, cello



March 7th


Jon Kenny in Crowman



Set in a sparsely decorated kitchen, this intimate one-man show starring Jon Kenny ( D'Unbelievables) feels like a window into the soul of a lonely bachelor, Dan. A crow-hating man who noisily tries to shoo the blighted birds away, Dan measures out his life by the amount of funerals he has to attend every week. They are social occasions with the added bonus of refreshments.
Dan, who vacillates between high comedy by mimicking TV celebrity chefs; and pathetic admissions, including attending Mass just to connect with another human by shaking hands, is a master at distraction, But one day, hearing a death announcement on the radio. his world is shattered.
Kenny is brilliant in the role , conveying the gamut of emotions. Katie Holly's script is strong, conjuring up a life of quiet desperation.

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